Morning Dew

I found a little left over of these light blue fire polished beads. I love this colour, reminding me of a morning dew. So I combined them with my favourite Herringbone design.



Diagonal Stripes

Finally I tried Unicornos wonderful instruction. I prefered to work for a bracelet rather than a bangle. This is the outcome and I am quite satisfied with it. It looks really great when wearing it. Thanks Unicorno.



Black Rain

Black is beautiful - my motto for this necklace. I hope you like it!!




Hello Ladies! Another Herringbone bracelet, which I hope you like. Isn't this stitch wonderful? I simply love it. I hope I can do many more things with it. But it is a learning process, isn't it. So, I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and that Santa is a good man and brings loaaaads of Christmas gifts to you, for I am sure, you all were good, good ladies and deserve a lot.




Christmas is near, so I decided to bead something different but necklaces and bracelets. These are only two from quite a big army of angels. Hope you like them!



St.Peterburg Necklace

Wow, this was a lot of work but I love the result. I am really proud of myself though I say it myself. I used seed beads, 4 mm fire polished beads and 6 mm acrylic bicones. As for the bicones I did not think they would look good at first but at the end it was not such a bad idea.



PIF by Rita

Hello Ladies, today I have a wonderful surprise for you. I have played PIF with
Rita and it was wonderful. See for yourself what a great set Rita has created for me. I really love it. Thank you, Rita! Now what do you say, Ladies? I think Rita has earned a big applause.




This is also one of my favourites. I like to bead it because it is ready in about 15 minutes and easy to wear. I used elastic for this bracelet, 4 mm fire polished beads and seed beads.



Simply simple

Hi Ladies, I know this photo is not the best one and I apologize for not having a real good detail photo. Maybe one day, when I have a new cam I shall post better ones. For now I hope these ones do ok. This necklace is stringed only. The ring is made in RAW and around the close up I did some extra Peyote. I used Seed beads, 8 mm glass beads and 6 mm fire polished beads for this necklace. Hope you like it.



Danube on Ice

Hi Ladies, I hope everyone is doing fine. This time I have tried something new. I hope you like it too. The instruction you can get at
Around the Beading Table. I used 11/0 Toho seed beads, 4mm bicone crystals and 4mm glass pearls and 3 mm fire polished beads.