Green Surprise

May I introduce my first beaded cabochon made of Fimo, 11/0 Toho seed beads and 15/0 Toho seed beads. To all who have commented so nicely a big, big THANK YOU.



Anonymous manou said...

it's very nice, your cabochon is very beautiful

12 July 2009 at 19:57  
Blogger Vadnainé Almási Mária said...

Thanks for your visit! Your blog and works are beautiful! Congratulations!

13 July 2009 at 18:59  
Blogger Hermann Ildikó said...

Beautiful colour, nice job!

13 July 2009 at 20:15  
Blogger Liza said...


15 July 2009 at 21:26  
Anonymous Coco said...

Your cabochon is very beautiful ! I love it !

16 July 2009 at 10:57  
Blogger Káli Gopika said...

Beautiful work!
Thanks for your comment!

18 July 2009 at 08:43  
Blogger Sunshine Daisy said...


23 July 2009 at 21:58  
Blogger Rosalba said...

fimo?????????? wowwwwwwwww troppo bello!!!!

grazie per la tua visita.

25 July 2009 at 23:42  
Blogger Marzia said...

Che meraviglia, i miei complimenti!

26 July 2009 at 20:21  
Blogger Teesa said...

i cant find out were to follow your blog ans PS i cant post my outfits becuz im in maryland right now and it wont loadon my aunts computer

28 July 2009 at 20:37  
Blogger Shirley Lim said...

Lovely cabochon!

9 August 2009 at 02:24  

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