I think this pendant somehow looks shamanic - what do you think? I used 8 mm fire polished beads, 6 mm fire polished beads, 4 mm fire polished beads, 7 mm bugle beads and Toho seed beads.



Blogger Fruzsi said...

It looks so interesting!!Very nice!!

30 September 2009 at 23:01  
Blogger Ági mama said...


30 September 2009 at 23:25  
Blogger Betti said...

Magical... :)

1 October 2009 at 10:50  
Blogger POÉ said...

This is amazing !!!!

1 October 2009 at 14:55  
Blogger Katia said...

Magnifique! would say a French, but it's the first word came into my mind.


Kata, Szombathely
(By the way my German is very poor that is why I am so mute in the bead shop...)

2 October 2009 at 09:14  
Blogger Tündérke said...

Beautiful! :-) And you're right, a little bit shamanic :-)

2 October 2009 at 11:34  
Blogger Vigh Erika said...

Very good idea!

4 October 2009 at 17:37  
Blogger Szilmarilla said...

Beautiful! Congratulation!

11 October 2009 at 17:15  

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